Ann, Sam and Charlie Sheridan

As of late, I have taken a strong interest/view on the weaknesses of human humanity that are so prevalent and have pondered how my two sons and I would be able to help. Awareness was the first step for me of which I shared with my children. We talked about different countries as well as our own and how some people live. It's easy to watch on the television, but to actually see poverty is quite a different story. The three of us thought of so many ways in which we would be able to give to those less fortunate. Where does one begin? Having a roof to live under became top on the list as well as providing food and water to those who are not able to find or create the resources.

We began our adventure of assisting others last summer by traveling to Ensenada, Mexico. Although somewhat of a turmoiled country at the time, we all were confident that we would be traveling with a large and safe group of people. During our stay there, we not only learned that countries look different, but that the governments, standards of living, and general lifestyle are as well. It was wonderful to see so many smiling children given that they have virtually nothing except family. We sacrificed our typical time at home, of which we no longer deem so valuable, to build homes and provide food, water and other staples to create safer living environments to those families who were quite desperate. We all felt the pangs of love for having given something that seems so natural to us but so invaluable to another. There were tears of sadness, love, pride and respect from both parties .....our hearts have grown. This trip was surely the best choice that I, as a mother, could make in raising my children to value the lives of others. We have become better people inside and out. So, what next? There are so many people in need not excluding the country we live in. Who knows where our next trip will be.

Our time restraints due to the luxuries of an wonderful education will not allow us to visit another site until summer comes. So, as a family, we have chosen to contribute to the Lee Oneness Foundation in a financial format with the intention of supplying food and water to those in Peru who have been devastated by the seemingly endless environmental factors for many years now. My boys and I cannot thank the foundation enough for allowing us to be a part of changing the lives of just a few.

This is just another start to our charity efforts which will continue hopefully for our lifetimes.
Giving is the best blessing there could ever be.

Ann Sheridan